What We do

How secure is your current cyberspace? The answer is not surprising:

"your data is transparent to hackers while hackers' activities are dark to you."

the dark-transparent relationship of your current cyberspace

Using patented post-quantum security technology, BicDroid reverses the dark-transparent relationship to your favor.

the reversed dark-transparent relationship of your BicDroid-protected cyberspace

Reversing the dark-transparent relationship, BicDroid protects your data against data breaches and any attacks and secures your data at all times and anywhere.

Protect data against

  • Ransomware attacks

  • Phishing attacks

  • Any other known attacks

  • Any unknown attacks

  • Data breaches

Secure data at all times

  • At rest

  • In transit

  • In use

  • In sharing

Secure data anywhere

  • On your servers

  • On your end-point devices

  • On your clouds

Why It Matters

List of Organizations Attacked: Growing

List of Organizations Attacked: Growing

Impact on Victims of Attacks: Profound

  • Global cybercriminal economy: $6 trillion/year US by 2021

  • Direct losses for cybercrime victims alone: over 320 billion US a year (Symantec)

  • Price tag for Sony’s data breach: 1 to 2 billion US

  • Repercussions of a successful attack to an organization: vast

Why Others Fail

They all do the same thing:

  • try to secure the weakest links at the weakest moments in today’s complex cyber-physical-human networks---a mission impossible;

  • play catch-up with hackers at best.

Traditional data protection companies try to secure the weakest links at the weakest moments in today’s complex cyber-physical-human networks

    "Philosophical failure: deal with the unknown!"

How We Do

We deal with the known: your data & processes!

  • Secure your data directly using practical one-time pads with post-quantum secure key management.

  • Police all processes trying to access encrypted data, blocking all unauthorized processes and reporting all process activities (allowed and denied) in real time.

BicDroid secures your data directly using practical one-time pads with post-quantum secure key management

Both policing and encryption are executed by BicDroid kernel driver, resulting an enhanced OS and post-quantum security.

What You See

Your Perspective

  • Processes are classified into three types: unauthorized, authorized for cipher-text, and authorized for plaintext.

  • Access from any unauthorized process is denied immediately.

  • A process authorized for cipher-text can never see your plaintext data.

  • For processes authorized for plaintext, encryption/decryption is handled by BicDroid QDocument driver through one-file-one-random key encryption with post-quantum security.

Diagram of policing processes by BicDroid


BicDroid QDocument "quarantines" your valuable data from the outside “dangerous” world and only allows your authorized processes to access it. Even when a hacker finds a way to get into your system, he/she could not do any damage.

Illustration of protecting your valuable data from the outside dangerous world by BicDroid

Solutions We Offer

QDocument End-Point Edition (EE)

Principle Diagram of QDocument End-Point Edition (EE)

QDocument End-Point Edition (EE) secures your data at all times (at rest, in transit, in use, & in sharing) and anywhere in your cyberspace, and protects it once and for all against data breaches and any known and unknown attacks including phishing and ransomware attacks.

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QDocument Server Edition (SE)

Principle Diagram of QDocument Server Edition (SE)

QDocument Server Edition (SE) protects your server data once and for all against data breaches and any known and unknown attacks including phishing and ransomware attacks. This is achieved without any change to your end users.

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QDocument SDK

Diagram of QDocument SDK

BicDroid provides SDK on Windows / Mac / iOS / Android for its key management technology, to empower our partners with BicDroid's post quantum data security while permitting data sharing among multiple users across multiple devices. It enables developers to achieves security features with ease:

  • Automatic military grade encryption
  • Transparent key management
  • Secure sharing for multiple users across multiple devices

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BicDroid QM

Diagram of BicDroid QM

Have you wished to engage secure instant multimedia messaging with email functionalities plus information right management with a group of people seamlessly across and from all of your devices?

If your answer is yes, please use BicDroid QM.

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BicDroid Testimonials

What experts and leaders in information and communications technologies
are saying about BicDroid QDocument...

“The quarantined system of BicDroid addresses a pressing need for secure messaging and file storage in the cloud using the strongest available encryption and advanced public key techniques. All user information is encrypted automatically for transmission and storage, appearing in the clear only in the volatile memory on user devices. The system adds and deletes all user devices easily with automatic synchronization of the encryption and decryption capabilities across platforms.

The BicDroid system, with its intelligent new approach, provides an effective, efficient, elegant and secure solution to this most critical problem of secure file storage and sharing across platforms and users from cloud storage.”

Prof. Ian Blake
world authority on cryptography and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

“I am truly impressed by BicDroid’s technologies. The intelligence in its automatic cloud-based photo management system and the quarantined security in its QMessage, QNote, and QPhoto along with its ability to support simultaneously multiple devices of a user are unparalleled.”

Dr. Weiping Huang
Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist of Hisense Group

“QDocument is the most secure and easiest to use encryption solution we found on the market. It is a beautiful and comprehensive solution that fills a much-needed gap in cloud storage by allowing our business to seamlessly use any cloud service like Dropbox/Box/Google Drive without fear that confidential files can be accessed by unauthorized parties.”

Mr. Julian Strauss
CEO of Winter Garden Biosciences

“The BicDroid quarantined system allows a user to efficiently and securely manages files which may be stored in the cloud or on multiple devices owned by the user. State-of-the-art encryption technologies are used to encrypt the user’s files when they are transmitted or stored. The management of cryptographic keys across the user’s devices is accomplished using innovative and elegant applications of well-established public-key cryptographic technologies.

In BicDroid, encryption and key management happen behind the scenes, with minimal involvement in the user. The result is a file storage system that is both highly secure and highly useable.”

Prof. Alfred Menezes
world-renowned cryptographer and Co-founder of the Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research University of Waterloo

“In computer security, the normal quarantine practice is to put virus-infected or suspected files in quarantine on a local computer. BicDroid quarantined security technologies turn this practice inside out by automatically quarantining plaintext files inside user’s own devices though cutting edge and strong encryption. This is exceptionally innovative and will have a long last impact on information and communications technologies.”

Mr. David Yach
CTO of Auvik Networks and former CTO
for Software of BlackBerry (formerly known as Research In Motion)

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