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BicDroid’s unbreakable system secures your data and cyber activity.

We are a global leader in data protection. Our innovative security solutions use patented technology to deliver a truly secure system, unlike anything else available. Our management team has brought together their decades of experience to solve the most significant technology challenge facing the world today - data protection.

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Our management team has created hundreds of patented technologies throughout their careers, technologies that are used by hundreds of millions of people every day. This experience led to the revolutionary idea at the heart of BicDroid: Playing catch-up with threats puts all the power in the hands of those developing exploits and malicious software; in contrast, focusing on what you know about your own organization to make data immune to all attacks puts all the power in your hands.

New technologies bring new security challenges, making information security and privacy critical for individuals and businesses. Protecting our financial, medical and personal information is essential in the face of increasingly complex malicious attacks. At BicDroid, we build products and patented processes that protect your data at all times, giving you peace of mind.

How BicDroid Works

Why Other Products Fail

Other security products fail because online threats are continuously emerging. Only after a security loophole or vulnerability is made public do these other solutions develop a fix. Until these fixes are developed and implemented, your data is at risk.

Many vulnerabilities do not become public knowledge until after they’ve been used maliciously, so these solutions are always one step behind.

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Why BicDroid Succeeds

BicDroid locks down your data, stopping breaches and blocking attackers, even those inside your network. BicDroid does this by learning your valid business processes. By focusing on your valid users and applications, BicDroid relies only on your businesses’ known variables.

Because you only authorize new processes as they become needed, you'll always be one step ahead.

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Our Management Team

En-hui Yang (Ph.D.)

Founder, President & CEO

Dr. Yang is an eminently recognized researcher in information theory, data compression and information security with over 200 patents/patent applications. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Dr. Yang has been a professor at the University of Waterloo with the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering since 1997, where he is now a Professor and Canada Research Chair in information theory and multimedia compression.

In addition to founding BicDroid Inc., he co-founded Slipstream Data Inc. (now a subsidiary of BlackBerry), and is a Director at the Multimedia Communications Laboratory.

Products based on his inventions, and commercialized by SlipStream, received the 2006 Ontario Global Traders Provincial Award and have been deployed by over 2200 Service Providers in more than 50 countries, servicing tens of millions of home and wireless subscribers every day. His inventions are also part of the core technologies behind popular smartphones and Direct PC products used by tens of millions of people worldwide.

Read More on Dr. Yang's IEEE Information Theory Society Bio

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Daju Gu (M.Sc.)

Executive Vice President of Sales & Partnership

Daju is a seasoned business executive with over twenty years’ experience serving financial industries. He has successfully led many multi-disciplined business initiatives and transformations. Previously, Daju was the President of TMX Razor Risk Technologies. In this capacity, Daju worked with teams in Toronto, Sydney, New York and London to assist clients globally in various regulatory initiatives.

Daju’s strength in both technology and business, combined with his excellent execution capabilities, have enabled him to build and lead many initiatives to success. Daju has a track record of delivering projects on time and budget, meeting or exceeding client’s expectations. Daju is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, risk management forums and training workshops internationally.

Daju is an entrepreneur and founder of Netcom Systems Inc. and is an advisor to various high-tech and financial institutions.

Daju is a professional engineer and project manager. He holds a BSc from Tonji University in Shanghai China (Sept 1979 – July 1983) and MSc from University of Alberta in Edmonton (August 1987 – June 1989).

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Shawn (Xiang) Yu (Ph.D.)

Executive Vice President of Solutions & Professional Services

As the Executive Vice President of Solutions & Professional Services at BicDroid, Shawn is responsible for the overall architecture, development and implementation of BicDroid’s solutions, as well as professional services to our customers and partners.

Prior to joining BicDroid, Shawn was a senior researcher at RIM (now Blackberry Ltd.), making significant contributions to industrial and international standards, and his breakthrough research and development work led to his innovative algorithms being incorporated into all devices powered by Android OS 4.0 or higher.

Shawn is a passionate researcher and engineer, with expertise in information security and multimedia communications. Committed to excellence in innovation, Shawn is a fierce advocate for making a difference in the real world by bringing research excellence into practice.

Shawn was previously the co-recipient of the Best Paper award from the IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP) Conference and the recipient of the outstanding achievement award from the University of Waterloo.

Shawn received his Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

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Jin Meng (Ph.D.)

Executive Vice President of Technology

As the Executive Vice President of Technology at BicDroid, Jin is responsible for the planning, development, validation, verification, and integration of technology into BicDroid’s solutions.

Prior to joining BicDroid, Jin was an emerging technical expert within the highly competitive R&D team at Research In Motion (RIM) (now Blackberry Ltd.), making significant contributions to RIM’s technology, product and solution development.

Jin brings to BicDroid his expertise in the areas of information security, information theory, Algebraic Coding, Algorithms, Data Compression, Wireless Communications, Programming, and Network Protocols.

With his world-class research and product development experience, he has had more than a dozen patents/patent applications, and has published over 20 high-quality papers in top international journals and conferences.

Jin has been instrumental to the implementation of BicDroid’s QSS infrastructure, the first driver ever developed for policing processes and users. He has also made significant contributions to the QDocument solution, with a focus on encryption modules and security key management.

Jin received his Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

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What people are saying about BicDroid

The BicDroid system, with its intelligent new approach, provides an effective, efficient, elegant and secure solution to this most critical problem of secure file storage and sharing across platforms and users from cloud storage.

- Professor Ian Blake

World authority on cryptography and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

I am truly impressed by BicDroid’s technologies. The intelligence in its automatic, cloud-based photo management system and the quarantined security in its QMessage, QNote, and QPhoto along with its ability to support multiple devices are unparalleled.

- Dr. Weiping Huang

Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist of Hisense Group

QDocument is the most secure and easiest to use encryption solution we found on the market. It is a beautiful and comprehensive solution that fills a much-needed gap in cloud storage.

- Mr. Julian Strauss

CEO of Winter Garden Biosciences

In BicDroid, encryption and key management happen behind the scenes, with minimal involvement in the user. The result is a file storage system that is both highly secure and highly useable.

- Professor Alfred Menezes

Co-founder of the Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research, University of Waterloo

The normal quarantine practice is to put suspected files in quarantine on a local computer. BicDroid quarantined security technologies turn this practice inside out by automatically quarantining plaintext files inside user’s own devices though cutting edge and strong encryption.

- Mr. David Yach

CTO of Auvik Networks