BicDroid | News | 2023 Second data security competition

News | 2023 BicDroid Second data secuirty competition

BicDroid Inc. Successfully Hosted the Second Data Security Attack and Defense Competition, and Held its Defense Ground

Feb. 27, 2023

Waterloo, ON - The second data security attack and defense competition (DSADC) came to a successful conclusion on last Tuesday, February 21, 2023. BicDroid data security product QDocSE held its defense ground.

DSADC of this year was organized logistically by China Software Evaluation Center and China Information and Communication Research Institute along with their two sister institutes under the guidance of the Cybersecurity Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It was technically hosted by BicDroid Inc. (through its subsidiary in China).

The competition was carried out in two rounds. More than 1,000 teams from Global 500 companies and top universities competed fiercely in the first round. The top 100 teams were then selected to enter into the second and final round. One gold medalist, one silver medalist, one bronze medalist, and 10 winners were awarded.

The final competition provided a real data security attack and defense battleground. To examine the offensive and defensive capabilities of both offensive and defensive sides in an environment where an attacker penetrates all network peripheral defense lines and obtains the root privilege of a target server, each team was provided with the system administrator’s credential, aka ‘root privilege’, of the target server. The results of the competition show that:

(1) Traditional data security products basically have no protection capability after an attacker obtains the root privilege.

(2) In contrast, BicDroid QDocSE defeated all attacks from all teams, even though they were equipped with the root privilege of each QDocSE protected server. No QDocSE protected data was breached, exfiltrated, ransomed, modified, or destroyed.

The reality of cyberspace is that "it's not if hackers can break into your system and get its full administrative privileges, but when they will do so". Taking a data-centric security approach and built upon patented technologies, BicDroid QDocSE is designed to protect data in real-time within a dynamic threat environment. With QDocSE installed, when a hacker breaks into your system with full administrative privileges, it's like having a robber walk into your house but that robber can't touch or take anything.

For more information about QDocSE, contact BicDroid by email or visit here.