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BicDroid QDocument Endpoint Edition (QDocEE)

The Client-Side Solution for
Guaranteed* Data Protection

*Conditions apply. BicDroid systems are required to be installed by a licensed BicDroid representative, authorized Reseller or Partner.

What is QDocEE?

How does QDocEE work?


Installed on a corporate server and connected to EE Client through EE Console and EE Service, EE Central Sentry Platform (CSP) allows IT administrators to manage, control, monitor, analyze, and visualize data security and the health of all QDocEE protected PCs. Empowered by strong authentication and advanced multi-level authorization, EE CSP makes overwhelming data security management operations on any number of endpoints simple, swift, and secure.

EE Client

Installed on a PC, EE Client consists of, inter alia, Smart Integration of Mandatory Access Control and Encryption (SIME), EE Console, and EE Service. SIME enables data self-protection against any attack while removing the need for key management. With mandatory access control (MAC) and filesystem encryption coupled into a single unit, there is no data breach even when MAC is hacked. EE Console takes inputs from EE CSP and configures data security policy, which is enforced by SIME. EE Service ingests logs of authorized accesses and blocked access attempts from SIME, monitors endpoint health, and then sends the information to EE CSP for analysis, visualization, and alerting.


Installed on a corporate server along with EE CSP and connected to EE Client through EE Service, EE Outbound Approval System (OAS) provides another level of data security by enforcing mechanisms to approve or deny requests for sending protected files to third parties. Adopting multiple-level approval, EE OAS ensures that sensitive data remains protected while maintaining a record of all outbound decrypted files for future traceability and auditing.

What makes QDocEE unique?

Fully secure

With QDocEE, endpoint data is immune to any known and unknown attacks, including system loopholes and malicious insiders with root privilege.

Easy to configure

Once data is protected, QDocEE can automatically learn which programs should be authorized, minimizing configuration complexity.

Cryptographically partitioned

With QDocEE, data activities take place in quarantined secure activity spaces carved out cryptographically on demand from your system execution environment, thus providing data security without asking you to change your habit.

Outbound approval enforced

To ensure that sensitive data remains protected while maintaining a record of outbound files, QDocEE adopts multi-level approval for screening outbound decrypted files.

Advantages of using QDocEE

More secure

QDocEE fully secures corporate data on endpoints. It protects against:

  • Data leaks and breaches;
  • Malicious insiders with root privilege;
  • Ransomware attacks;
  • Other known and unknown attacks; and
  • Loopholes and backdoors of third party libraries and operating systems.
  • More user friendly

    QDocEE protects corporate data on endpoints in a user friendly manner through:

  • Cryptographically carving out quarantined secure data activity spaces on demand from your system execution environment, providing data security regardless of your system conditions and without impacting your computer usage habits, and
  • Providing easy configuration of data security policies through the intelligent GUI of EE CSP.
  • More informative

    EE CSP collects, processes, and visualizes fine-grained data security and system information of QDocEE protected PCs in real-time, including:

  • Protected data access request information, such as the path of requesting programs, request time, and result (granted or rejected); and
  • System performance data of each QDocEE protected PC.

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