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Unparalleled Security Against Hackers.

BicDroid’s patented, unbreakable, post-quantum security provides a level of data security like no other.

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What makes the BicDroid solution different?

Our innovative solutions differentiate BicDroid in many ways. They are based on our 6 pillar technologies, some of which are breakthroughs on their own.

One breakthrough is our Smart Integration of MAC and Encryption (SIME) process. Intelligently integrating the latest Mandatory Access Control (MAC) processes used to manage classified government documents with our patented post-quantum secure encryption technology and Behavior Intelligence, BicDroid's SIME solution protects your data anywhere, anytime, and against all malicious attacks.

These technologies, together with our Fingerprinting, Policing Drivers, Post-Quantum Secure Key Management, Behaviour Intelligence and Real-Time Reporting & Alerts, deliver unparalleled security.

The next generation of Top-Secret level data security is here, available to all.

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BicDroid’s system provides genius-level protection.

  • U/A - User/Application
  • P - Process
  • PQSKM - Post Quantum Secure Key Management
  • MAC - Mandatory Access Control

BicDroid offers a suite of solutions:

Corporate/Mobile Office

Quarantined Work Space

BicDroid’s Quarantined Work Space is the solution for guaranteed corporate/mobile office protection.

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Server Edition


BicDroid’s Server Edition is the solution for guaranteed server-side data and cyber protection.

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End-Point Edition


BicDroid’s End-point Edition is the client-side solution for guaranteed data and cyber protection.

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Transmission Edition


BicDroid’s Transmission Edition is the secure sharing solution for any transmission channels including public clouds.

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Development Kit

QDocument SDK

The QDocument SDK empowers our partners with BicDroid's post quantum data security.

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Messaging Platform

BicDroid QM

Secure, instant messaging with email integration - manage group permissions across all devices.

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