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Bicdroid has a suite of patented solutions that delivers 360° security.

Protect your data and cyber activity, once and for all.

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Transmission Security

QDocument TE - Transmission Edition

The Secure Sharing Solution for any Transmission Channel.

  1. Encrypt your protected data automatically with Post-Quantum Secure Key Management before it leaves your device.

  2. Protect your data anytime, anywhere against data breaches.

  3. Support secure sharing among multiple users across multiple devices through any channel.

  4. Automatically secure all major cloud storage services.

QDocument TE is currently available for:  
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Click here to see its public-repo.

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SDK Solution

QDocument SDK - Development Kit

Paving the Way for Developers to Achieve Military-grade Data Security With Ease.

App Development.
App developers can use the SDK to encrypt all kind of data (photos/audio/video/files/messages) with a simple API call, and to easily decrypt data on multiple devices.

Share Securely.
Cloud service providers (CSPs) can integrate the SDK into their cloud services to achieve zero-knowledge data protection for customers, an increasingly important way to build trust with customers.

Build User Trust.
Consumers are increasingly concerned about the security of their data online. Protect your brand’s reputation and grow your user base with BicDroid’s consistent security.

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Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Messaging Security

BicDroid QM - Messaging Platform

Secure Messaging with Email Integration - Manage Group Permissions Across All Devices.

QNote is a note-taking system that automatically encrypt and syncs everything you type. It is locked to both you and your devices – making messages unreadable by anyone else, anywhere else.

QPhoto is a quarantined photo-taking system that not only strongly encrypts your photos but also automatically manages them on your own devices so that you can see through them in an intuitive, searchable user interface. Never worry about the security of your online photos again.

QMessage offers a modern instant messaging platform for text/video/multi-media messages along with robust rights management, allowing for seamless private conversations from any of your devices.

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Windows, Mac, iOS, Android