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BicDroid Quarantined Work Space (QWS)

The Corporate/Mobile Office Solution
for Data Protection

What is QWS?

How does QWS work?

QWS Server

Installed in your Intranet, QWS Server integrates all channels and tools for managing and controlling QWS Endpoints. It intelligently monitors all active QWS Endpoints in a way similar to how airplaces and spaceships in flight are monitored by ground stations.

QWS Endpoint

Installed on a personal or corporate managed computer (the “Host”), QWS Endpoint creates on the Host a fully secure quarantined work environment (i.e., QWS), which is a fully secure extension of your corporate Intranet work environment. Data inside QWS is quarantined from the Host as well as any other network or Internet resource that is not explicitly allowed by your corporate policy. Using QWS for work, employees are more productive than before.

QWS Connector

QWS Connector creates a fully secure tunnel between each QWS Endpoint and configured corporate Intranet(s). The encrypted tunnel is established on demand, enabling employees to use QWS to work offline without connecting to the Intranet.

Major functionalities: 4 categories

Data security at QWS Endpoint

With QWS, data security headaches typically encountered in our digital ecosystem (such as ransomware attacks and malicious insiders) are all gone. QWS Endpoint is fully secure.

OS and third party application support

QWS supports all mainstream Host OS (Windows, Linux, and macOS), as well as WIndows and Linux VM OS. All third party applications are supported.

New normal of working for employers

QWS elastically extends with full security your Intranet and offices to wherever your employees are (at home, in coffee shops, or on the go). It empowers employers to adopt BYOPC (bring your own PC) for work with ease and full security while saving money and improving employees’ productivities. It also gives employees the ability to securely work online or offline anytime and anywhere, and to use one computer to securely and simultaneously enjoy the benefits of both the Intranet and Internet for work.

Management and IT support

IT administrators can regulate offline working time, remotely install third party applications inside QWS, monitor the activities of all active QWS Endpoints, and manage service connections of QWS within the Intranet, all through a unified on QWS Server.

For more information on the functionalities of QWS, click here.

Advantages of QWS

More secure

QWS extends the security of your Intranet to any endpoint by fully securing corporate data on the endpoint. It protects against:

  • Data leaks and breaches;
  • Malicious insiders;
  • Ransomware attacks;
  • Other known and unknown attacks; and
  • Loopholes and backdoors of third party apps and virtual machine operating systems.
  • More productive

    QWS increases productivity for both employees and companies.

  • With QWS, employees can work offline, ensuring that their work efficiency and experience are never compromised regardless of Intranet connection conditions.
  • Employees' productivity is further increased due to one computer, two worlds.
  • High infrastructure stability.
  • More economic

    QWS is a low cost solution that also saves money in the long-term.

  • BYOPC policies can be adopted with ease and full security, saving money and maintenance costs.
  • Save office expenditures while working remotely.
  • Save bandwidth costs and leverage talents worldwide.

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